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Birmingham Gritting Company: Premier Rock Salt Spreading and Gritting Services

Stay prepared for winter with our top-notch Birmingham Gritting Company, offering rock salt spreading and gritting services throughout Birmingham, West Midlands, and the surrounding areas.

Ensure Winter Preparedness with Birmingham Gritting Company

Searching for a reliable gritting company in Birmingham? Look no further! Our winter gritting and salt spreading services are now available, providing cost-effective solutions for small to medium-sized businesses and commercial premises of all types.

Keep your paths, entrances, and car parks free from the risks of snow and ice with our comprehensive services:

Salt Spreading and Gritting Services
Salt Bin Supply and Management

We offer Fixed Rate and Pay-As-You-Go gritting services for the winter period, allowing you to budget months in advance. All our vehicles are GPS tracked, and gritting services are carried out overnight as required. We can offer bespoke services to align with your business hours and provide additional call-outs during adverse weather conditions.

Efficient Salt Spreading and Gritting Services by Birmingham Gritting Company

We understand the potential issues that cold weather can cause and recognise the importance of salt spreading in ensuring safe traffic movements and pedestrian safety.

Our weather-reactive Birmingham Gritting Company services are informed by professional MET Office reports, providing notifications of frost and ice for your location. We monitor commercial forecasts for your postcode area, and you only pay per treatment with all costs agreed upon in advance.

We can carry out weather-reactive gritting services automatically overnight to minimise disruption, giving you peace of mind during the winter period. Our team is equipped to spread rock salt by vehicle or on foot, allowing us to tackle any areas requiring de-icing, from large to small.

We are also available for call-out winter grounds maintenance and Birmingham Gritting Company services during the working week and out of hours as needed.

Winter Rock Salt and Salt Bins: Now Available for Purchase!

We can supply and manage your rock salt or grit stock levels over the winter period or alternatively, we can wait for you to call us when you need your grit bin filling or would like us to supply you with rock salt or grit.

FREE Delivery for Regular Grounds Maintenance clients. Contact us for more details or prices.

*Please note that prices may vary throughout the season due to demand and supplier costs.

Trusted Midlands Gritting Services Provider

We offer affordable commercial Grounds Maintenance contracts for clients across a diverse range of sectors, including Commercial and Industrial Exteriors, Property Management Companies, Retail and Office Grounds, Landlords, Hotels, Public Houses, Care Homes, Private Roads, Housing Associations, Facilities Management Companies, Residential Estates and Apartments, and Estate Agents.

In addition to specialising in the maintenance of various multi-occupancy sites, we possess the capabilities and resources to accommodate School Grounds Maintenance, Industrial Site Grounds Maintenance, and Retail and Business Park Grounds Maintenance within the Midlands area. Trust our expertise in Birmingham Gritting Company services to keep your premises safe and accessible during the winter months.

Birmingham Gritting Services

Road Surface Temperature Monitoring and Winter Gritting Services

Fixed Rate

Winter Gritting Services
£ Pay Monthly
  • Priority Service
  • Fixed Term
  • Met Office OpenSite™ Monitoring
  • No Call Out Charge
  • Automatic Site Visits
  • Out of Hours Attendance
  • Vehicle Tracking
Best Value

Flexible Rate

Winter Gritting Services
£ Pay Per Visit
  • Includes Call Out Charge
  • We contact you to check if a site visit is required
  • Out of Hours Attendance
  • Vehicle Tracking

Affordable, Professional, Reliable


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Please note that for certain projects, it may be necessary to arrange a site visit before we can provide a detailed written quotation.


Birmingham Gritting Company

Are you ready for Winter?

Keep your Paths, Entrances and Car Parks FREE from the risk of SNOW and ICE!